Golfers need outstanding vision

Golf is a game of inches, but it’s played over hundreds of yards. If you can’t see well in the distance, you won’t be at the top of your game. Too often, golfers use the same eyewear on the golf course that they do at work or at home. Specialized golf glasses could help them play better. With advances in lens technology and tinting, there are new products on the market that can help with crisp distance vision, clear putting vision and scoring—all without removing or adjusting your glasses. Whatever the lie of the ball, you should be able to see it clearly, with high contrast between ball and grass and sky.

Golf glasses can help you see better, longer, too. Living in a sunny climate, I’m most interested in protecting people from ultraviolet radiation outside, and golf glasses do that. UV radiation can lead to cataract formation and may contribute to macular degeneration and even tumors of the eye and surrounding skin. The amount of sun exposure a golfer gets over a lifetime on the course is reason enough to take UV protection seriously. Getting a pair of golf glasses that can block that harmful radiation is good for your health—and for your game.

When you decide to get a pair of golf glasses, look for 100% UV blockage, impact resistance and the style you like. You’ve already got the clubs and the other specialized equipment you need to play golf; now consider the golf eyewear you need to play your best. You’ll see the difference.

Myself, I’ve used the Definity Fairway lens. Some of my patients who play golf have tried it. They’ve been delighted, happy with how they well they see around the course and with how the lenses look. They say their game is better, and they have more fun playing it. And that’s what it’s all about.