Oakland’s East Bay Eyewear offers the finest eyeglasses, custom made for your eyes and designed for the activities you most enjoy. Our customers from around the San Francisco Bay area seek us out for our latest fashions, innovative, advanced lens designs and our commitment to help them see better and look their best.

How do you know what glasses look great on you? Who would you trust to tell you? In my office, I’ve seen a lot of people who were truly delighted with their new glasses. They could see well at every distance and were absolutely thrilled with how they looked wearing them. That’s what they were looking for. They were so pleased with the whole experience of getting glasses and not just with the final result.

But not everyone had that kind of great experience. No, I’ve seen some people who felt like they were rushed to make a decision and who didn’t get good advice from the person behind the counter. To boot, maybe the glasses didn’t fit well or didn’t complement their face or coloring. Perhaps the glasses weren’t suited for the kinds of activities they do. Something important was lacking.

What’s the biggest difference between these two groups, those who are happy with their eyewear and those who aren’t? You’d be surprised—the biggest difference is the kind of service they encountered, and who was there to be their trusted advisor. When you bring a friend with you to look at frames, you’ve brought somebody you trust to tell you how you look. That’s almost always a great idea. But an expert in eyewear can help you in other ways, too. With training and experience, they can point out how the shape, size and contour of particular eyewear can frame your best features. With their fingers on the pulse of eyewear fashion, they can help guide you to the look you want. Besides fashion sense, you need an expert in lens design who will take the time to suggest lenses that will help you see your best in the variety of activities that make up your life. Along with expertise in the technical parts of eyewear fitting and design, they need to know who you are and what’s your lifestyle to help you find the right glasses. They need to listen.

Chris Garcia and Sofia Soltero at East Bay Eyewear have that kind of experience and that kind of approach to be your trusted advisor about eyeglasses. Let them help you choose the eyewear that will enhance your lifestyle, look fantastic and help you see the world clearly--maybe like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll enjoy the experience!