Lens Coatings

Coatings help you to get better service from your lenses. We work with you to best understnd your needs and to assemble a the right combination of coatings for you and your lifestyle.

A number of coating treatments have been developed to make glass and plastic lenses more durable and look clearer by reducing unwanted optical imperfections. Anti-reflective coating (AR) can be applied to new lenses to virtually eliminate reflections and haloes around lights. AR coatings can make lenses look great by reducing reflected camera flash and glare. At East Bay Eyewear, our best AR coatings are warranted for a full year after purchase.

Scratch-resistant coatings are commonly applied to new lenses to make them harder to scratch. Most lenses now have this feature, which is important to keep your eyewear looking like new.

Tinted lenses can sometimes benefit vision and be an important style option. For example, yellow tints may boost contrast sensitivity and grey tint, particularly in sunglasses, can provide true color sense while reducing light transmission. Any light-colored tint can help hide fine wrinkles around the eyes.

Mirrored lenses are available in silver, gold and blue. They are popular in sunglasses, and completely hide the eyes form view. Ask the optical specialists at East Bay Eyewear to show you examples of these features. Chris and Sofia will be happy to talk with you about all of the different lens coating options.